Don't Spend Another Hour in an Uncomfortable Home, contact the Heating & Air Conditioning Specialists at Extreme Air & Heat

During summer and winter extremes in Sulphur, LA, you depend on your heating and air conditioning system to keep your home comfortable. If your heater or AC unit breaks down, don't panic. Call Extreme Air & Heat, LLC for repairs right away. You can count on us to provide top-quality HVAC services at affordable prices.

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When should you call an HVAC repair technician?

No matter how big or small the problem may seem, you can call us for any HVAC services you need. Contact us today if:

  1. There's a puddle of water around your AC unit.
  2. No heat or cold air is coming out of your air vents.
  3. Your gas heater or dryer isn't venting properly.
  4. Your air conditioner is making a loud, unusual noise.
  5. The coils on your unit are covered in ice.

We can repair and replace all kinds of HVAC system components, including compressors, air ducts and air filters. We can also install heating and cooling units, return air filter grilles and ventilation systems in new homes across the Sulphur, LA area.

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